Smart Apartments. Intelligent Buildings.

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STRATIS is Smart Apartments & Intelligent Buildings.

STRATIS is the only IoT Platform built for the complexities of MultiFamily and Student Housing.
STRATIS is installed in 325,000 units in the U.S. and Japan.


STRATIS provides seamless “sidewalk to sofa” credentialing, for staff maintenance, vendors, residents, and their guests and service providers.


STRATIS reduces energy usage during construction, lease-up, and vacancies, saving 15-20% of energy spend for you AND your residents.


STRATIS offers automation beyond “Smart Apartments.” STRATIS creates Intelligent Buildings.

STRATIS management app homepage set in tablet.

Built Specifically For MultiFamily

STRATIS is the only IoT Platform built specifically for MultiFamily and Student Housing, with focus on return on investment for Property Owners & Managers and Residents as natural beneficiaries.

As “Technology as Amenity” gains traction, it will exist, for a short time as a competitive differentiator for early adopters. As the return on investment is continuously realized, “Technology as Amenity” becomes a competitive advantage. And finally, as industries adopt market-wide, this technology becomes the new industry standard.

Our Mission: To be YOUR standard.

The STRATIS Mobile App

STRATIS provides seamless, “sidewalk to sofa” mobile access, for staff, maintenance, vendors, residents, and their guests and service providers.

Design & Development

STRATIS was created by a team with more than 72 years of combined IoT experience.

Planning & Strategy

The STRATIS mobile app has been tested and retested, and is approaching two years in development.

End User Driven

We created STRATIS with Property Managers in mind. The mobile app saves both time and money for properties.

STRATIS Resident app on the thermostat page in a phone


STRATIS prioritizes technology security & safety for Residents & Property Managers.

Friendly UI

We focus on ease-of-use for Property Owners & Residents.

Award Winning

STRATIS is award-winning technology, disrupting the MultiFamily & Student Housing industries.

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325,000 Units Installed

in The U.S. & Japan

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Property Managers and Residents in MultiFamily and Student Housing save time and money with STRATIS.

Pretty sick to be able to unlock my door with my phone. About a 2-3 second delay from when you push unlock on your iPhone to when the door unlocks.


Mobile App User

I love STRATIS because it’s so user friendly. Being able to provide this service for residents has really cut down on staff members and residents having to juggle tasks.”

Jennifer Coulter

Property Manager, Louisville, KY

STRATIS saves us time and therefore money. There is no comparison in the marketplace. Our transition from mechanical keys to electronic locks managed by STRATIS has greatly simplified our access control.

Roger Manning

Property Manager, Decatur, GA