3 Lessons from OPTECH
The STRATIS Smart Building at OPTECH, with several team members in the front talking to attendees.

The National Multifamily Council (NMHC) hosted the annual OPTECH Conference in National Harbor, Maryland, November 8-10, 2021. The STRATIS and RealPage teams had the opportunity to meet with peers in the industry, teach attendees about all things smart, and showcase the STRATIS Smart Building that debuted earlier this year at RealWorld in July in Nashville, Tennessee!

Here are some of the lessons from workshops presented by STRATIS and RealPage leaders:

1. Pull it all together with intelligent buildings and connectivity 

Smart home and intelligent building technology and connectivity products have advanced greatly at different rates, and are often deployed independently. However, we are now moving toward a more integrative approach to connectivity, smart home, and intelligent building systems. This comprehensive way to address connectivity furthers the opportunity to create smart and connected communities with operational efficiencies and real-time data that supports better decision making. The growth of bulk and managed Wi-Fi, 5G, and other connectivity options greatly benefit progress in such communities.

2. Connectivity Infrastructure is Important for both new buildings and retrofits

Connectivity infrastructure is important to get right, and can be installed in new buildings and retrofits. For all connectivity infrastructure, cybersecurity is crucial to keep at the top of mind. To learn more about this, take a look at the five network considerations before moving forward with smart apartments.

3. ESG is changing multifamily

Environmental Social Governance (ESG) is changing businesses and organizations across industries, and multifamily is a part of this. ESG may initially seem to be only about sustainability, but it also stands for driving resource efficiency and lowering risks around energy, waste, and water utilities in apartment complexes.Like many industries, multifamily is following the path of global sustainable investing, one that has grown 15% to $35.3 trillion between 2018 and 2020. Owners and operators are forming ESG strategies and engaging in a dynamic that is driving not only a sustainability stamp of approval but real asset value as well. Gathering the data and managing ESG projects can be cumbersome and time consuming, so multifamily owners and operators need to know how to manage the information required for success. Want to read more about ESG and multifamily? Check out the five ways ESG is transforming multifamily utility management.

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STRATIS®, a RealPage Company, creates smart apartments and intelligent buildings and is the only platform of its kind built for the complexities of multifamily and student housing. STRATIS is installed worldwide across the U.S., in Japan, the UK, EU, and Latin America. STRATIS now serves hospitality, retail, and small to mid-size commercial, as well. STRATIS is an Inc. Magazine “Fastest Growing Company in America” and a Top Ten Entrepreneur Magazine “Best Company in America.” STRATIS was recently acquired by RealPage to enable STRATIS Smart Building, a more connected lifestyle, and unleash hidden yield through new revenue streams.

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