3 Ways that Smart Apartment Technology Prevents Water-Related Damages

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As winter brings about drastic temperature decreases, the potential for pipes freezing (and then bursting) increases. There are also other serious water-related damages that can occur year-round and waste time, energy, and money for Property Owners, Property Managers, and Residents. Smart apartment technology can prevent this with leak sensors.

Water damages in the U.S. can cost billions of dollars each year, not to mention all the headaches that come with them. This informative graphic from Water Damage Defense outlines water damage by the numbers.

Home Water Damage

Fortunately, smart energy technology can detect even the slightest changes to water, humidity, and freeze levels to prevent large-scale liabilities and safety hazards. Investing in sensors and other technology now can protect the property for the long-term. 

What can this powerful technology do for you?

  • Keep amenity areas, common areas, and vacant units at the optimal temperature to prevent units (and appliances, pipes, etc in them) from becoming too cold or too hot. With smart energy technology, a Property Manager could easily maintain the ideal temperature of vacant units to protect appliances and pipes without physically adjusting the thermostat in each unit.
  • Sense leaks, freezes, or excess humidity early to alert Property Managers before escalating to the point of extensive damages. A small water-related changes could be telling of an impending flood emergency. To be safe, alerts let you know when to take action. 
  • Automatically shut off electronic water valves in the case of leaks in the area. 

To understand impactful property energy data, STRATIS currently integrates with FortrezZ and is adding the Inovonics API and Sense integration.

To detect leaks and floods, and prevent them from creating widespread damage, STRATIS integrates with Aeotec, Fibaro, and Honeywell Home

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