How can IoT increase the security of a property and still provide frictionless access?

How can IoT increase the security of a property and still provide frictionless access?

Let’s start with an easy, network-free application: door locks.

Above is a key creating kiosk. Pop any key into the machine and out pops a duplicate. Sounds like a security nightmare for MultiFamily and Student Housing, but in an effort to embrace electronic credentialing, some properties have done the equivalent: keypad door locks on units.

Above is an example of a single family residential keypad door lock. The door lock above was NOT made for MultiFamily and enables the unabated sharing and dispersal of the key pad code.

(I’m using Schlage’s, because we’re an avid promoter of the door locks they make FOR MULTIFAMILY: Schlage Control.)

Here’s Schlage Control.

You’ll notice there’s no keypad. There’s also no keyhole. Property Managers can use mobile apps, smart cards, or smart fobs to manage access to the unit. This actually increases the security of access from unit throughout building by eliminating duplications or sharing. AND no network installation is required. This is a stand-alone piece of Internet of Things technology properties can install without ubiquitous WiFi or mesh networking (there’s a post in the IoT IQ Series on that soon). And, it’s ADA and fire code compliant.

Like residential IoT, access is a focal point for Multifamily IoT, with a serious opportunity to increase convenience for owners and residents, and equally importantly, see a rapid return on investment for property owners.

The right door hardware will prioritize the security and safety of the resident and property, integrate into current property management systems and have a broad ecosystem of hardware options to minimize the use of multiple manufacturers’ systems. Best in class solutions will have additional devices, like thermostats and lighting, easily integrated across that software for true smart performance.

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