The Miles & STRATIS Case Study

The Miles pool area in the middle with apartment buildings on both sides

The Miles boasts modern apartments that are “Close to it all. Miles from ordinary.” 


With amenities equipped for year-round relaxation and enjoyment, Residents can easily access a fully-equipped gym, gorgeous lounges, and a resort-style pool deck.

Key results are recovering 100% of investment in less than 2 years and increased property value through network installation. The Miles Property Management says, "People love the easy accessible app - makes their life simple!...STRATIS support is there always to help answer questions or help us through technical support."


  • Guaranteeing a seamless experience: Successfully enabling an apartment community for IoT technology comes with the issue of minimizing confusion and app fatigue for Residents, Property Managers, and Maintenance Staff. Minimizing or eliminating overlapping multiple databases, mobile apps, and physical credentials to move through the building is a must. 
  • Energy efficiency: technology should ensure energy efficiency within vacant units, common areas, and amenity areas while prioritizing Property Management and Maintenance ease


STRATIS is the only Multifamily solution that provides a comprehensive, property-wide access control solution managed from one cloud-based software platform and Resident mobile application. 

The seamless integrations with 9 platforms and hardware integrations (including RealPage, Brivo, ButterflyMX, tour24, Schlage, Honeywell Home, JASCO, and Amazon Alexa), enable security and convenience for The Miles Residents, Managers, Maintenance Staff, Vendors, and Visitors. Also, adjacent Elan Uptown Residents can access common and amenity areas at The Miles. 

Resident features include:

  • Unit lock access and site-wide access: Move through the entire property with one mobile app on their smartphone, key fob, QR code, or one-time use PIN code
  • Scheduled visitor unit access: Grant dog walkers, cleaners, and other regular visitors access
  • Visitor building access: Enter property with a QR code or one-time use PIN code
  • Thermostat and lighting control and schedules: Adjust thermostat and lighting settings and create schedules on their app from anywhere in the world 
  • Geofenced scenes: Automate various apartment settings to turn on or off based on Resident’s location 
  • User-friendly app design and experience: Enjoy amazing UI/UX 

Management features include:

  • Vacant unit control: Monitor all vacant units remotely to monitor lights and thermostat settings to lower utility costs and save energy
  • Mobile maintenance: Control various settings throughout the property from one tablet application (example: no need to physically walk to a unit to adjust settings)
  • Site-wide device control and limits: Control access throughout the building to close down amenities if necessary
  • Visitor access control: Monitor visitor access for increased security