The Ranch & STRATIS Case Study

The Ranch brings a higher standard of living.

With cutting edge amenities, a dedicated staff, and sponsored community events, Residents have much to enjoy. Conveniently located nearby are local museums, parks, and shopping.


As a property with 350 buildings with 411 units, spread over 104 acres, housing over 900 students, the staff would take hours replacing and making keys each day. This was especially challenging in the Tucson heat, which could reach well over 100 degrees.

  • Creating keys: Creating new keys could take hours, as staff had to authorize a key by going to the physical location of the unit door. This could take up to 3 hours in a day at the frequency that Residents would lose their keys.


As The Ranch was already familiar with Schlage’s key fob system, transitioning to STRATIS went smoothly because of STRATIS’ integration with Schlage locks.

Replacing and authorizing keys was previously labor-intensive, and the constant key management took time away from leasing staff in their leasing responsibilities. 

With STRATIS, not only can The Ranch replace and authorize keys quickly, but also authorize individual unit doors and schedule access times for common areas. 

“Working with STRATIS has been wonderful and easy. Someone is always available to answer my questions…The STRATIS installation has made our lives much easier. We plan to continue to use STRATIS.” -Heather Conklin, Leasing Manager at The Ranch