How to Make Student Housing Turn Smoother with Technology
Two students carrying boxes and bags walking up the stairs of a building to move in

Student housing is a unique kind of housing, as many (if not all) of the residents move out at one time in the year, and shortly after, different residents move into the units. Student housing “turn” refers to the transitional time, often in the summer, between the mass move-out and mass move-in. During turn, property staff have to inspect, repair, and prepare the units. Fortunately, student housing technology streamlines a lot of aspects of this intense process.

Technology can aid property and maintenance staff greatly to be in control of every moving piece within the orchestra of turn season. This includes access control, which allows property staff to give automatic guest access to vendors (instead of manually letting them into the building and unit), create fobs easily for residents, and more. In addition, vacant unit control can keep the unit at an optimal temperature without manually adjusting the thermostat before and after maintenance staff make repairs.

With portable devices like tablets, property staff can track maintenance requests and other important information in one place, instead of juggling papers, sticky notes, and conversations. This also eliminates the human error that can come from data entry.

These solutions save valuable time and money while significantly reducing confusion and stress for everyone involved.

Student housing turn best practices:

With STRATIS TurnTech™, getting residents in and out of their new homes is made a lot easier.

Here are a few helpful articles on how to move residents in with STRATIS:

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