Tehama Wireless


Tehama Wireless is raising the bar for utility cost recovery and conservation.

Innovative engineering expertise and a deep commitment to user experience and product design have combined to make Tehama Wireless one of the world’s leading automated meter reading device manufacturers. Tehama’s Pulse MDT records data from meters that generate a pulse output. It is compatible with nearly all water, gas, and electric utility meters and is included in the STRATIS Sustain platform for water and energy integrations.




  • The Standard Range MDTs have an open field range over 3500 feet and MAX Range Pulse MDTs have a ten-mile open field range
  • The MDT is powered by two AA batteries with expected battery life of five to seven years
  • Top-of-the-hour synchronize Time of Use (ToU) with 15-minute interval data
  • Generated Pulse version for older Hersey and newer Zenner meters
  • IP-68 rated Submersible version for pit or outdoor installation