Our Story

Who Are We?

We are technologists who invent new things every day. We are tinkerers and inventors, and we are linchpins. Our Team is 50% diverse in race and gender. We speak 13 different languages and are passionate about helping people. Combined we have more than 72 years of IoT experience.

Our Culture

The culture at StratIS is unmatched, and our employees are the heart of our culture. Every single team member is a linchpin and irreplaceable. By hiring only linchpins, we hold each other accountable to higher standards of innovation. We are a Team with unique backgrounds. From former Googlers to IoT Founders, our Team is diverse in background and perspective. StratIS was recently named one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Best Companies in America.”

What Is StratIS?

StratIS was created in 2013 focused on access, energy and automation for the multifamily and campus communities. We provide smart home/smart apartment and smart building so that property owners and managers can access the same benefits as homeowners and residents can do the same thing. It is the first of its kind app and installation. Software has never been developed like this so we are literally making new things every day.

StratIS is home automation for apartment units but it is also building automation for the entire building. That’s door locks and thermostats, things we get used to using every day and we don’t really think about whether they are smart.

This is totally new out of the box, no one has done this before. We can access energy savings that have always been there.
If we can be the shinning example of what technology really can be for everyone, that is world changing.

Social Mission

We have an environmental mission and a social mission to make our technologies accessible to those who otherwise couldn’t afford them. It is great that single family home owners can put a smart thermostat into their 10,000 sq. ft. home and save $20, $30, $50 in energy savings every month.
It is profoundly more important for somebody who is in public housing or low income housing to be able to save that money each month. That is meals to those people, not just cups of coffee.