Student Housing – Simplified.


The Ranch at Star Pass in Tucson, Arizona is a student housing facility for over 920 college students in 350 buildings.

• 30 Seconds to Make a New Key
• Convenient
• Easy


“Key maintenance used to take up hours of my day. Now I don’t think about it.” – Heather Corkins, Leasing Manager


Before installing STRATIS for Access, to authorize a new key we had to leave the office and go to the physical location of the resident door. The Ranch at Star Pass campus is spread out over 104 acres. With over 411 units on 104 acres, and depending on the weather conditions, it took on average 20 minutes just to make a traditional key. Managing the keys for 920 residents and based on the frequency students would lose their keys the staff at The Ranch would spend hours every day replacing keys for students and had to leave the office to go credential the keys in all weather conditions. It is not uncommon for the weather in Tucson to reach well over 100 degrees.


The Ranch at Star Pass Leasing Manager, Heather Conklin states, “Key maintenance used to take up hours of my day. College students often lose their keys. Now I don’t even think about it. I can make a key for a resident in about 30 seconds without even leaving the office. As a leasing agent the constant key management of the facility prevented me from working efficiently on my leasing duties. With the STRATIS system key management is not a problem and I’m able to get my job done much more easily. I used to have to go out in the rain and the heat to make a new key. Now I can do everything from the office.”

Results, Return on Investments, and Future Plans

Describing her experience with STRATIS in 3 words Ranch at Star Pass employee Heather Corkins shared: Accessibility, the Technology, and the Great Customer service.

Working with STRATIS has been wonderful and easy. Someone is always available to answer my questions. We really appreciated the compatibility of STRATIS with the Schlage locks. We were already familiar and comfortable with Schlage’s key fob system. The STRATIS installation has made our lives much easier. I would definitely, definitely recommend the STRATIS to anyone with a resident campus like ours. Reduced labor costs and the times savings with STRATIS are saving us money. We plan to continue to use STRATIS. The ability to authorize individual doors and schedule access times for common areas has been extremely helpful.



STRATIS, named one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Best Companies in America,” builds smart apartments and smart buildings for smart cities. As the only system of its kind built for the complexities of multifamily and campus communities, STRATIS leads the global movement for smart cities in the commercial residential sector. Since initial rollout 24 months ago, StratIS has installed in 150,000 units across 46 states. STRATIS is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. To order STRATIS or get more information visit: STRATIS.