Greater Management Vacant Unit+Common Area+Amenity Area Control and Resident Brivo Capabilities

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We are pleased to announce the highly anticipated release of STRATIS version 1.13 of the Mobile app and version 4.4 of the Management App.  With these releases, you will find outstanding updates and new features from our engineering teams. 

Management App (v4.4)

Vacant unit, common area, and amenity area control

Property managers have more control over vacant units, common areas, and amenity areas. For property staff with appropriate permissions, features include turning on/off a dimmable light, multilevel switching, adjusting shades, and controlling thermostats (including for common and amenity areas).


All app users can scan for Schlage ENGAGE Control 2.0 locks with a new Bluetooth advertisement version. Older versions of Schlage Control locks are being phased out. STRATIS is leading the industry with the Control 2.0 integration.







Energy monitoring

STRATIS is now integrated with the Aeotec Energy Monitor

Property staff with appropriate permissions can now view energy consumption for vacant units and even the entire property.

Enhanced control of Honeywell WiFi leak sensors 

Property management staff can mute the audio of a Honeywell WiFi leak sensor when there is an alarm.

Property management staff with the appropriate permissions can see device data for Honeywell T10 sensors.

Mobile App (v1.13)


Residents who are on multiple Brivo sites can now be added to more than one site on STRATIS properties. Also, Residents on Brivo-enabled properties can be automatically added to custom groups based on a property’s preferences.

Coming Soon to STRATIS…

STRATIS Mobile App 2.0

With the STRATIS Mobile App 2.0, improved features include faster Schlage Control unlocks, Spanish language settings, a modular dashboard, and dark mode (as pictured below).









Management App Site Scenes

With Management App Site Scenes, property staff with appropriate permissions will be able to control devices in custom groups on schedules.

Also, with Device History, staff can view vacant unit, common area, and amenity area device histories.


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