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Access Residents and staff members use their mobile phone as a credential. Property managers can manage mobile access in real time.
Energy Residents control their thermostats from their phone. Properties can save energy by managing vacant units.
Lighting Residents can control lighting in their homes from anywhere in the world. Property managers can control lighting in vacant units.
Thermostat Schedules Create effective schedules to conserve energy while ensuring a comfortable temperature when residents are home.

Security FAQ

How is our mobile app secure?


  • The STRATIS Resident App requires 2 factor authentication, which adds another layer of security to the login process. This makes it more difficult for bad cyber actors to access your account.
  • The Resident’s apartment unit is paired with their phone, so even if a bad cyber actor gains a Resident’s login credentials, they would not be able to access the Resident’s account and devices without the Resident’s phone. 
  • In the case that a Resident loses their phone or their phone stops working, the property manager can reset the account’s device to sign-in on the new device.


How is our platform secure?


  • STRATIS is the only Multifamily IoT platform that is SOC 2 certified. SOC 2 (pronounced as “sock two”) stands for Service Organization Controls and is an auditing procedure developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). This procedure makes certain that service providers are protecting and ensuring the accuracy of their clients’ information. The rigorous attestation process takes several months of engagement and measures a company’s security preparedness. The qualifications required of a SOC 2 attestation are not ones that an organization could accidentally stumble into, nor are they a simple list of items to check off. STRATIS is proud to have received its SOC 2 compliance after almost half a year of extensive examination.


How is our network secure?


  • STRATIS runs intrusion detection and prevention software on all installed WiFi networks, and have incident responders prepared for events that occur on those networks.


How does STRATIS address a security researcher finding a vulnerability?


  • STRATIS has a process for responsible disclosure here.

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