STRATIS Releases Version 3.2.0

by | Oct 4, 2017 | STRATIS Updates

We’re excited to release version 3.2.0. Right away you’ll notice a few differences. First, you’ll see that we said goodbye to the “Tasks” button and added a new button called “Maintenance.”

The Create Key button has moved! But don’t worry – you can still create maintenance keys using the button at the bottom of your screen.

What is the Maintenance Portal?
Now, when you click on the “Maintenance” button on your home screen you’ll find a brand new suite of tools designed to help you manage maintenance work and temporary keys. This is your new maintenance portal, where you’ll be able to create tickets to describe the work that needs to be done and grant access to staff to complete that work. You can make credentials for one ticket or multiple, and resolve tickets as issues are addressed.

Why is the Maintenance Portal useful?
By linking maintenance keys to tickets through the portal, we’re offering a stronger workflow for Property Managers to manage and track maintenance work. Staff members and maintenance workers are notified by email when a ticket is assigned to them, saving everyone time and creating an easier flow of communication.

How do I access the Maintenance Portal?
Accept the upgrade of the STRATIS Management App today to start taking advantage of this new tool.