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How Can the STRATIS Mobile App 2.0 Personalize Your Lifestyle?

Access all your credentials on one app! Simply slide or long-press your nearest lock option on the STRATIS Mobile App 2.0 to access your building, elevator, common area, and unit.
Thermostat Control
The STRATIS Mobile App 2.0 allows you to control your thermostat remotely or automate the temperature to fit your lifestyle. With geofencing, you can activate your thermostat when you come into range of your building resulting in a seamless Sidewalk to Sofa® experience.
Control your lights and smart switches from the STRATIS Mobile App 2.0 or create scenes that will activate different light settings during your preferred time of the day.
Visitor Access
You can now grant your visitors, guests, and even dog walkers access to your building and unit using the visitor access feature in the STRATIS Mobile App 2.0.
All-In-One Dashboard
STRATIS eliminates app fatigue with the new STRATIS Mobile App 2.0. Everything you need for the Sidewalk to Sofa® experience is in one spot on your mobile device.

Access the STRATIS Mobile App 2.0 Guide to learn more about your dashboard.
Security Frequently Asked Questions
How is the mobile app secure?
The STRATIS Resident App requires 2 factor authentication, which adds another layer of security to the login process. This makes it more difficult for bad cyber actors to access your account.
What happens if someone gets the Resident's login information or phone?
The Resident’s apartment unit is paired with their phone, so even if a bad cyber actor gains a Resident’s login credentials, they would not be able to access the Resident’s account and devices without the Resident’s phone. And in the case that a Resident loses their phone or their phone stops working, the property manager can reset the account’s device to sign-in on the new device.
How is the platform secure?
STRATIS is the only Multifamily IoT platform that is SOC 2 certified. SOC 2 (pronounced as “sock two”) stands for Service Organization Controls and is an auditing procedure developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). This procedure makes certain that service providers are protecting and ensuring the accuracy of their clients’ information.
How is the network secure?
STRATIS runs intrusion detection and prevention software on all installed WiFi networks, and have incident responders prepared for events that occur on those networks.
How does STRATIS address a security researcher finding a vulnerability?
STRATIS has a process for responsible disclosure here.