How STRATIS is Growing Through, Not Getting Through, this Pandemic

This past Wednesday, CoFounder and CEO Felicite Moorman hosted the inaugural Wednesdays at 1 webinar to address how STRATIS is…

March 24, 2020
Screenshot of Zoom with STRATIS team members
Building a Workplace Culture of Inclusion and Diversity that Lasts (Even When Everything Else Seems to Be Breaking Down)

A small group of us from STRATIS recently attended the Cultural Alliance’s “Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace” conference. A…

March 23, 2020
Promotional graphic for CEO Felicite Moorman's Ask Me Anything
Strengthening Ourselves and Our Partners Amidst COVID-19

While we continue to closely monitor COVID-19, we wanted to update our partners with STRATIS’ business continuity plans.  STRATIS creates…

March 16, 2020
Cartoon image of a hand holding a smart phone that is connected to various devices inside of a nearby smart apartment
How to Deploy an IoT Solution for Multifamily

The IoT market is booming and spreading from its origins in single-family homes. As exciting as this expansion is, this…

March 10, 2020
Light blue oval with white text in the middle that says "CCPA compliance" with a checkmark and lock icons on either side
What Does the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Mean for Smart Apartments?

In the past few months, you may have received emails from companies notifying you about changes in privacy and security…

February 26, 2020
What is the Importance of Cybersecurity in Multifamily IoT?

When discussing cybersecurity in Multifamily housing, there are a wide range of attitudes from “What’s a hacker going to find…

February 19, 2020
A person is typing their password into a laptop that shows a login screen
Why Use a Password Manager?

This February, STRATIS is expressing our love for and commitment to security and privacy. Learn more about how we are…

February 12, 2020
Audience at conference hall
STRATIS: Coming Soon to a Town Near You

STRATIS is kicking off 2020 strong with events all over the country. Let’s get together! CES 2020 and Connections Summit…

January 30, 2020
How Can Smart Apartment Technology Decrease Your Operational Expenditures?

As the price of energy increases, the question for Property Owners and Developers is “How can smart apartment technology and…

January 28, 2020