HVAC Module


Residents can control their thermostat remotely from their phone while Property Managers can control the thermostats in vacant units.
Monitor Your Energy Usage
No longer question how much energy your building is using! STRATIS delivers a unique feature that monitors energy usage over your preferred customized time. Simply use this feature to gauge where and when thermostats should be turned off or set at a certain temperature on your property including vacant units.
Residents can customize their comfort level by using the Schedules in the STRATIS Mobile App 2.0.
Works With Popular Brands
Works with multiple Smart Thermostats to control energy usage across communities.
Control Remotely
Increase & decrease the temperature using the slider on the STRATIS App.
Energy Savings Modes
Select from different thermostat settings to save on energy costs.
Create Scenes
Set up schedules to match your everyday routines or create a scene to trigger when you're on your way home
Easy Implementation
for Any Property
Typically, smart devices may evoke images of smart thermostats, lighting, etc. A smart Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system may not initially come to mind, but this system can work together with other smart devices to enhance their values. For example, a smart thermostat could tell a Resident what the temperature of the room is, and a smart HVAC system could explain the cold feel of the room as a leaking duct.
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