The Difference Between a Smart Apartment and Intelligent Building

by | Mar 13, 2019 | In the News

By Paige Strohson

First we must talk about a smart apartment. A smart apartment would typically be an apartment with several smart devices (ie: door lock, thermostat, light switch) and all the devices are connected on a Mobile App from a resident’s cell phone. A smart apartment is typically controlled by one hub in the apartment that is dependent on the resident moving in and signing up for an Internet plan that will then power the hub. The typical benefits of a smart apartment are a resident WOW factor or first impression, a resident money saver, time saver and convenience. Most new MultiFamily construction projects opening these days will have some smart devices. Not all are connected to make smart apartments, but numbers are consistently increasing. It is important to note, there could be some money savings for the property owner, such as key credentials for smart locks and sometimes vacant unit cost recovery, if the hub has cellular connectivity that works in that specific unit.

Now, an Intelligent Building. An Intelligent Building connects the entire building to the same network allowing residents to not only have the benefits of a smart apartment, but also, they can access the front gate, the parking structure, and any common area door. Because this network is in place, property owners can now add smart thermostats to their common areas. This brings efficiency to a whole new level because from one dashboard you can control every thermostat in your clubrooms, hallways, offices, vacant unit, etc. As a property owner saving thousands of dollars a month, now makes a big difference.

What is right for your MultiFamily building? Do you have a common area clubhouse and offices? Do you have interior hallways or perhaps, a heated parking structures? If you have an office larger than a 10x10 room, an Intelligent Building might be better for you. Is your property a mid-rise with an intercom system? Do you have a fitness center? If you answered yes to more than one of these questions, an Intelligent Building is your answer.

At STRATIS, we specialize in Intelligent Buildings. We can customize a network to fit your needs, regardless if you have an existing property or a property under construction, it can be networked. Please let us know what we can do to provide some options for you


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