The Difference Between a Smart Apartment and Intelligent Building

A smartphone connects to the network of an intelligent building

What is the difference between a Smart Apartment and an Intelligent Building? They are not completely separate things, because a Smart Apartment can be a part of an Intelligent Building.

What is a Smart Apartment?

A Smart Apartment is an apartment unit with several smart devices (i.e. door lock, thermostat, light switch). These devices are typically controlled through a mobile app from a Resident’s smart phone. The main benefits of a Smart Apartment are convenience, money savings, energy efficiency, and “wow factor.”

What is an Intelligent Building?

An Intelligent Building connects all the Smart Apartment units to a building network, giving greater convenience, energy efficiency, and security to Property Managers and Residents. The Residents have the benefits of a Smart Apartment both within their own unit and within the rest of the building. For example, the same mobile app that lets them unlock their unit door could also give them access to common areas like the front gate, pool, and more. Because a property-wide network from “sidewalk to sofa” is in place, the Property Managers have more access and convenience with managing amenities from one platform. For example, one dashboard could enable them to control thermostats in vacant units and common areas. This is much easier than manually adjusting thermostats all over the property, saving money (thousands of dollars per year!), labor, and energy.

What is right for your MultiFamily building? Do you have a common area clubhouse and offices? Do you have interior hallways or heated parking structures? Is your property a mid-rise with an intercom system? Do you have a fitness center? If you answered yes to one or more than one of these questions, installing an Intelligent Building network could be beneficial.

At STRATIS, we specialize in Intelligent Buildings. Whether you are planning to renovate an existing property or build a new property, we can customize a network to fit your needs. Contact us today to talk more.


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