What can IoT Do for Multifamily Under Stay-at-Home Orders?

As more Multifamily Residents are staying at and working from home since the beginning of this pandemic earlier this year, there is more attention on how the Internet of Things (IoT) can add safety and sustainability benefits to a property. This year provides no shortage of challenges, but the silver lining for STRATIS Properties is that most of them are already equipped to engage in property-wide optimizations, which is good news for our early adopters.

Self-Guided Touring

Prospective Residents touring a building can pose risks to them as well as the building’s Residents and Property Staff. An option that maximizes safety for everyone involved and allows physically seeing the property is self-touring or self-guided tours. This allows the prospective Resident to tour an apartment on their own while the Leasing Staff may be in their office or in their own home. Typically, a Leasing Agent would escort a prospective Resident around the building, and this self-touring option mimics that while keeping everyone as safe as possible. A similar alternative is the prospective Resident walking through the building while on the phone with a Leasing Agent. STRATIS’ Secure Self Tour has always been available with STRATIS via our Guest and Visitor Access Management and Control Solution.

Package Management

Since March 1, 2020, there has been roughly a 31% increase in package transactions. This is higher than the weekly package volume from the 2019 holiday shopping season! This is especially a challenge in Multifamily, as packages for as many as hundreds of Residents are often stored in 1 location. This rapid increase has vastly exceeded many properties’ existing package storage solutions. STRATIS Package Place quickly and easily creates a secure package overflow space when lockers aren’t enough.

Touchless Solution

A platform that allows for App Users to navigate through the building with reduced touchpoints is a safer and healthier option for Staff and Residents. This is especially helpful in Multifamily, in which tens and hundreds of people can come in contact with property amenity or common area touchpoints. STRATIS Path, in stark contrast to partial solutions, does not require touching of handles, keypads, or any other door to access a Resident’s apartment or property amenities and common areas.

In Multifamily, IoT can add health benefits property-wide to better support all building occupants, including but not limited to Residents, Property Staff, and Vendors.


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