Greater Resident Capabilities for Access and Leak Sensing

New features available with v1.12 are designed to make the STRATIS Mobile experience even smoother. There are now more capabilities for Residents with access, leak sensing, and more. 


Unlock common and amenity-area doors even with low cell connectivity

Even if your phone does not have good service in parts of your building, you can still unlock common area and amenity-area doors.

[Available for sites active with Brivo Smart Readers]

Brivo smart reader

Leak Sensing

Notification updates

Mute the audible alarm for your leak sensor for known issues (don’t worry, maintenance has already been alerted). Also, simulate and test leak events and notifications for peace of mind. 

[Available for Honeywell WiFi Leak Sensor deployments]

Honeywell WiFi Leak Sensor

Humidity and temperature 

See both the humidity and temperature of your unit from your app (leak sensors report these too). 

[Available for any STRATIS leak sensor]

Screenshot of STRATIS mobile app with the humidity and leak sensor feature



As an update to our thermostat controls, devices that are capable of “auto” mode will display this, while others will not. 

[Available for any STRATIS thermostat]

Screenshot of the STRATIS app with thermostat feature


If your thermostat is capable of controlling the fan, you will now see this capability in the STRATIS Mobile App. 

[Available for any STRATIS thermostat]

Screenshot of STRAIS mobile app with fan feature


Resolve setting conflicts between app and device

Often, manually-set schedules on a thermostat can conflict with the schedule set in your STRATIS Mobile App. Now, these conflicts are resolved and the STRATIS Mobile App schedule will take priority. 

Coming soon to STRATIS Mobile App!

Unlock doors while completely offline

Whether you have absolutely no cell connectivity or forgot your backup fob, even in areas with no internet or cell service, you can unlock common and amenity-area doors. 

[Available for sites active with the Brivo Smart Readers]

Enable visitor access from Sidewalk to Sofa

Issue temporary access pin codes for common areas to visitors (i.e. friends, family, dog walkers, etc) to enable access from outside the apartment building all the way to your unit door. 

[Available for sites active with Brivo Smart Readers]


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