3 Ways that Smart Thermostats Reduce Operational Expenditures
Circular smart thermostat on the wall showing the unit temperature at 75 degrees

There is a lot of buzz around smart thermostats, the leading device in smart apartment technology. Besides adding a sleek touch to the living space, what lifestyle improvements can they bring? And how can they decrease operational expenditures?

Let’s start with the question: what exactly does a smart thermostat do?

Smart thermostats can:

  • Sense and regulate temperature, motion, and humidity to maximize comfort and energy efficiency.
  • Enable the Resident (for their in-unit thermostat) or Property Manager (for vacant units, amenity areas, and common areas) to control thermostats with a phone, tablet, or other internet-connected device.
  • Regulate temperatures automatically based on Resident’s proximity to the unit. The geofencing feature automatically regulates temperature based on the Resident’s location (by utilizing the smart phone’s location). Leaving the virtual perimeter of the unit triggers the smart thermostat to adjust to a more energy efficient temperature when the Resident is away and changes to the Resident’s set optimal temperature once the Resident nears the unit.

How can smart thermostats not only reduce operational expenditures but also generate revenue?

  • Keep amenity areas, common areas, and vacant units at the optimal temperature to maintain optimal temperatures to accommodate Resident use. With smart energy technology, a Property Manager could easily maintain the ideal temperature of these areas without physically adjusting each thermostat.
  • As smart apartment technology continues to become more popular, offer technology as an amenity to residents.
  • Generate revenue in the future by reducing peak electricity demand with demand response programs. STRATIS is conducting groundbreaking research in this area through NREL’s grant. Installing smart and connected devices now is the only way to understand and enable energy efficiency and revenue generation at scale.

To promote energy efficiency through smart thermostats, STRATIS currently integrates with various smart thermostats to best suit your property’s needs and budget.

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