Our History
STRATIS was founded by Felicite Moorman (CEO) and Ryan Buchert (CTO), serial entrepreneurs, who in reaching their limits of their capabilities enabling connected (IoT) hardware without an underpinning platform to meet the complex needs of multifamily and student housing, decided to branch beyond.

STRATIS energy, access, management and control has been exactly specified by industry experts to provide the fastest return.
Our Mission
STRATIS’ mission since inception in 2013 is to provide a platform that provides ubiquitous global value.

Felicite and Ryan met on global standards boards, creating interoperability and security standards for some of the most widely adopted technologies in the world.

STRATIS is a spinout of BuLogics, Inc, which designs, builds, and certifies wireless devices for the Internet of Things.

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Our Team
STRATIS is powered by a group of Leaders, Engineers, Support, Wellness, Marketing, TechOps, and Sales teams. Every member of our team is a linchpin, bringing with them a broad range or experience, ideas, and history.

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Our Leadership
Felicite Moorman
Chief Executive Officer, CoFounder
EY Entrepreneur of the Year. Launched GE's Emerging Technologies Division for Consumer & Home Electronics Brand. Attorney. International Speaker & Author.
Ryan Buchert
Chief Technology Officer, CoFounder
Drexel Entrepreneur of the Year. Global Cooperative Education Hall of Fame. Numerous wireless patents. International reputation as wireless expert for innovation in multi-protocol hardware applications (Z-Wave, Zigbee, BTLE, WiFi, and LoRa)
Sean Hawley
Chief Operating Officer
Award-winning operations expert. 25 years software development management experience from startups to Fortune 500. Agile coach.
Kelly Campbell
Chief Engineer
Google Senior Software Engineer and led engineering teams for billing, financial reporting, engineering tools, real-time display ad bidding, and Google Checkout (now Google Wallet).
Charlie Hill
Chief Innovation & Product Officer
Decorated former Army Aviation Officer with 8 years as an operations officer, helicopter pilot, and air mission commander. MBA from Columbia University.