Student Housing
Seamless Turns
Ease of use, advanced technology, efficiency, and great customer service lets Residents have more time for Student Living.
STRATIS TurnTech™ cuts down a significant amount of time turning units with automatic on/off boarding. STRATIS integrates with a variety of property management system (PMS) platforms.
Increased Profitability and Asset Value
STRATIS is a solution to future-proof your property and increase the value of the infrastructure. We do this through commercial grade equipment to provide building-wide connectivity.
Innovative Smart Student Room Comfort and Control
Provide innovative comfort for residents with geofencing, scheduling, and custom scenes, so they maximize their time being Students.
Increased Student Safety and Security
Property Staff can maintain control of credentials with no-tour functionality to provide seamless and secure unit turns for the new academic year.
Improved and Preventative Maintenance Processes
Save time and energy on maintenance with vacant units, amenity, and common space control.
Sustainability for Student Housing
STRATIS reduces energy usage across building-wide with our Energy and Water Monitoring Solutions.
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Do You Want to Elevate the Student Housing Experience?
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No more “sliver solutions!” STRATIS enables Sidewalk to Sofa™ Access, Energy, and Water Management and Control for Smart Apartments and Intelligent Buildings.
Student Housing
Student Housing has a unique set of needs and use cases. STRATIS enables TurnTech™ for easy and secure unit turn. Residents can enjoy the premier student living experience through smart devices that optimize management and control of WiFi, energy, access, and more.
Smart Guest Room Controls focused on an outstanding guest experience. Intelligent Building Controls focused on improved energy efficiency. Licensees have installed STRATIS Technology in hundreds of hotels around the world.
Small to Mid Size Commercial
Cafe with black brick storefront and long bench in front
Imagine never rekeying due to an employee keeping a hard key. Imagine the security enabled by an employee unlocking and opening your store with their mobile credential, and having your preset lighting and temperature settings engage immediately. With the same automation at closing. Imagine alerts for temperature fluctuations in storage areas or leak sensing.
Innovative Agriculture
Apply smart technology to the indoor agriculture space. With mass energy settings, leak and temperature alerts, audits/reports across the building, and more features, STRATIS ensures the optimal environment.
Vacation Rental By Owner (VRBO)
Property Managers and Owners are enabled with a seamless solution to manage smart devices for greater security and operating efficiencies on short-term and vacation rentals. And Guests enjoy all of the comfort of a smart home.

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