STRATIS IoT Deployed in 1 in 5 New U.S. Multifamily Developments in 2019

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – November 12th, 2019 STRATIS IoT, the leading Internet of Things ​Platform​ ​for​ ​Sidewalk to Sofa™ access,​ ​energy,​ asset protection, ​and​ ​automation​ ​management​ and ​control​ ​for​ ​multifamily​ ​and​ student housing, today announced that the platform has been installed in approximately 20% of all new units that were completed in 2019 in the US. The Greystar Google Nest pilot is deployed in 1,500 of these new units.

The STRATIS IoT Platform creates a connected network for smart devices within multifamily and student housing buildings, which enables energy efficiency, security and remote control capabilities that were never before available outside of the single family home. To date, 2019 has been a banner year for the company as it engaged in a number of crucial integrations to enable this recent scale. One key partnership was the recent inclusion of STRATIS in a Google Nest pilot to install Nest thermostats in multi-family properties such as those managed by Greystar, the nation’s largest apartment operator. Of the more than 60,000 newly constructed units in which STRATIS was installed in 2019, 1,500 of them are part of the pilot.

Additional new integrations include:

  • Inovonics API Integration – bringing impactful water metering data, visualization, alerts, and benchmarking to property owners, property managers, and residents. This allows for real-time exception detection, resulting in measurable ROI by preventing costs and energy waste from leaks, faulty meters, or other abnormal flow patterns.
  • Sense –  whose award-winning Sense Home Energy Monitor will now be integrated into the STRATIS IoT platform. This enables wide adoption into multifamily and student housing buildings and allows property managers, property owners, and residents to see real-time energy data for their units and properties allowing them to reduce their energy footprints.

Felicite Moorman, STRATIS CEO and CoFounder, said, “The industry is turning on to the truth that there really are intelligent building capabilities available to multifamily, with a proven return on investment. It’s been a long road and we’re fortunate to have visionary and focused partners, to which we’re adding comparable quality partnerships every day. This is an opportunity for the industry to leapfrog even that which has been available in hospitality. By the numbers, we’re at an inflection point.”

As a nod to this recent momentum, STRATIS has been invited to join the Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator (IN2), co-administered by the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Lab. The invitation-only, $30 million program, facilitates the commercialization and adoption of clean energy in the U.S. After a rigorous review process, STRATIS was selected as a member of the most recent cohort for the platform’s focus on saving energy in multifamily and student housing through smart technology monitoring and analysis. STRATIS will utilize the program funding to enhance its demand response and energy engagement services and to conduct digital twin modeling for portfolio-wide realization of energy management potential.

STRATIS announces these integrations and recent growth alongside its participation at the 2019 NMHC OPTECH conference, where CTO and CoFounder Ryan Buchert will speak on a panel on data privacy and security. The company looks forward to closing out the remainder of 2019 with a number of additional partnerships that will promote continued growth in the new year.

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STRATIS®, a RealPage Company, creates smart apartments and intelligent buildings and is the only platform of its kind built for the complexities of multifamily and student housing. STRATIS is installed worldwide across the U.S., in Japan, the UK, EU, and Latin America. STRATIS now serves hospitality, retail, and small to mid-size commercial, as well. STRATIS is an Inc. Magazine “Fastest Growing Company in America” and a Top Ten Entrepreneur Magazine “Best Company in America.” STRATIS was recently acquired by RealPage to enable STRATIS Smart Building, a more connected lifestyle, and unleash hidden yield through new revenue streams.

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