Multi-colored multifamily complex with balconies

Intelligent Buildings for Property Managers

Our Goal
Our Resident app and management dashboard simplifies interactions for Staff, Vendors, Maintenance, Residents, and Visitors through connected buildings.
Empower Property Staff
STRATIS Software Solution for Multifamily saves admin time, asset protection, energy savings, helps retain Residents, all while increasing ROI.
The STRATIS Difference
STRATIS was deployed in 1 out of 5 New Multifamily Developments in 2019.
Property Manager Benefits
Smart Access
Property Staff, Residents, Vendors, Maintenance, and Visitors have mobile access to custom entry points, during scheduled times.
Smart Automation
With 80 integration partners, STRATIS provides holistic control of popular third party devices where they would otherwise be unusable. This includes smart lighting, leak sensing, Resident WiFi, voice control, and much more.
Smart Energy
Residents have mobile control of thermostats, outlets, and lighting. Property Staff have control of thermostats, outlets and lighting in common areas, and vacant units.
STRATIS is the only Multifamily IoT solutions provider that is SOC 2 Type 2 Certified. At STRATIS we take pride in the testing of security, data confidentiality, and availability.
Maintenance Management
Residents can submit maintenance tickets through the Resident app. Property Staff can manage maintenance tickets and schedule staff access through the manager dashboard.
Modular Approach
Our app can be customized for every user. Our app features custom Geofencing, Scheduling and Scenes.