Water Module

Water Management

Leak detectors are a MUST if you want to avoid water damage and extra costs. Did you know that 57% of leaks would have been successfully detected by surface mounted leak sensors?
How It Works
1. The leak sensor detects water, delivers loud audible alarm, and alerts STRATIS Cloud.

2. STRATIS Cloud sends an immediate alert to residents & staff via the app and text message.

3. The staff takes immediate mitigation action (optional water shutoff valve available), preventing major property damage.
Did You Know...
Up to 30% of water supplied by utilities is lost to leaks.
Did You Also Know...
57% of leaks would have been successfully detected by surface mounted leak sensors.
Swift to Act
Residents will be notified when there is a leak in their unit making it easier to contact maintenance before damage can occur.
Avoid Property Damage
Property Managers will know where a leak is occurring before it causes property damage which could affect overhead costs.
All STRATIS systems are integrated RealPage and Entrata for a seamless experience with the Property's existing 3rd party system.
Water Metering
In addition to Resident costs, the property pays for building water usage which is generally unmonitored and has the same considerations as units but is paid for directly by the property and can be much more expensive. A leak as small as the tip of a ballpoint pen can waste about 6,300 gallons of water per month.

A lack of occupancy (vacant units) results in more damage prior to detection and nearly always results in multi-unit damage claims. The property is usually liable for Resident deductibles for these types of claims. With water metering, data is provided in 'real-time' depending on the metering system and is accessible to the Property Manager to monitor any leaks on the property. In addition, Maintenance and Staff views are available for non-occupied units and areas while Resident views are made available for monitoring consumption by billing period, week, day, year, and more.
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