A 2021 Year in Review for STRATIS
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2021 is a year that we grew through, not just got through.

As 2021 comes to a close, we at STRATIS would like to wish all of our customers and partners a safe and happy holiday season. We’ve appreciated your trust in us to support you. It’s been a pleasure working with you in 2021, and we look forward to continuing to support you in 2022!

For the end of the year, we reflected on STRATIS’s accomplishments over the past year. Below is a collection of some numbers that showcase our growth.

How did we connect with customers?

We enable residents to live in Intelligent Buildings across over 410,000 units in the U.S., Japan, the UK, EU, and Latin America. Out of those units, we onboarded about 57,000 units in 309 properties in 2021. Welcome home!

To check on property staff, team members made 17,600 phone calls throughout the year to ensure customer satisfaction. If there was any confusion, question, or concern, our team addressed it swiftly and proactively by providing necessary information and support.

The STRATIS Management App and Mobile App are central to our work of enabling a superior apartment experience for residents and property staff. Though it was difficult to choose across our dozens of new features, here are some highlights:

  • Property Management Services (PMS) Service Configuration: Staff can decide how early resident user accounts are populated in STRATIS.
  • Integration of Chirp Access Control with STRATIS: Adding to STRATIS’ Sidewalk to Sofa access.
  • Comelit integrated with STRATIS: Adding to STRATIS’ Sidewalk to Sofa access.
  • dormakaba Upgrades: Create greater feature parity with Schlage integration.
  • SALTO integration rollout: Make and return staff smart keys in STRATIS, and also use Return Found Key feature for security
  • Brivo and Chirp Smart Key Syncing: Smart keys made and returned in STRATIS will automatically be made and returned in Brivo or Chirp

To continue to grow our product and offerings, our team grew too. We view company culture as the process of working together to build the kind of company we feel proud to work for, and it was exciting for more people join us in that process. In 2021, we welcomed 52 new team members, and we’re so happy to have them with us.

How did we connect with (prospective) customers and partners?

To connect with (prospective) customers and partners, as well as to highlight our STRATIS solutions, team members attended almost 30 conferences (virtually and on-site). The STRATIS Smart Building was built in Las Vegas earlier this year, then debuted at RealWorld in Nashville, and stopped by Philadelphia for some enhancements. It then trekked up north to Chicago for NAA Apartmentalize and finally Baltimore for OPTECH. It’s now resting in Chicago before it gets back on the road again in 2022 where it’ll head to Richardson, Texas.

To share expertise in the multifamily industry around emerging technologies and on company culture, STRATIS team members guest wrote articles, spoke in interviews, and provided guidance on relevant topics. STRATIS made noise across 26 media features to educate readers about IoT and beyond.

We’re so thankful for every conversation and connection we had in 2021, and can’t wait to see what 2022 holds for us. See you next year!

Want to be a part of this in 2022? We’re hiring! Take a look at our open positions here.


STRATIS®, a RealPage Company, creates smart apartments and intelligent buildings and is the only platform of its kind built for the complexities of multifamily and student housing. STRATIS is installed worldwide across the U.S., in Japan, the UK, EU, and Latin America. STRATIS now serves hospitality, retail, and small to mid-size commercial, as well. STRATIS is an Inc. Magazine “Fastest Growing Company in America” and a Top Ten Entrepreneur Magazine “Best Company in America.” STRATIS was recently acquired by RealPage to enable STRATIS Smart Building, a more connected lifestyle, and unleash hidden yield through new revenue streams.

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